Who will you become when you ascend?

Don your cape and mask and find out in Ascendant.

Ascendant is the superpowered role-playing game of infinite possibilities. In this 496-page standalone rulebook, you get:

  • Elegant game mechanics that swiftly simulate the physics of a comic-book world using easy-to-reference real-life benchmarks
  • Color-coded challenge action resolution tables that resolve complex actions with superspeed
  • Infinitely scalable system lets you play heroes of any power level, from streetfighters to living gods – and replicate virtually any character from your favorite anime, comic, manga, or movie settings
  • Countless powers all customizable with an easy-to-use system of modifier tags that lets you match your power’s specifics to your character concept
  • Comprehensive detective mechanics for investigating crimes, interviewing witnesses, and finding clues
  • Detailed options for super-geniuses to create inventions, cure diseases, and even bring their outlandish devices into mass production
  • Extensive rules for responding to emergencies such as asteroid strikes, avalanches, disease outbreaks, earthquakes, fires, nuclear disasters, tornados, tsunamis, and volcanoes
  • A huge catalog of pre-built characters and objects including major military vehicles such as aircraft carriers, attack submarines, and ballistic missiles
  • A dynamic mission generation system to help you create challenges for your heroes
  • An optional campaign setting with ready-to-use heroes, villains, and organizations
  • Spectacular artwork by industry-leading pencilers, inkers, and colorists

Capital City Casefiles

Capital City Casefiles is a series of scenarios for Ascendant, the superpowered role-playing game of infinite possibilities. Each Casefile offers a single Issue of exciting play for a group of metropolitan metahumans with Power Levels ranging from 18 to 22 and a collective challenge rating of between 100 and 150 points.

These scenarios can be played in any order and are designed to be easy to run with any type of heroes, be they super-powered police, costumed crimefighters, or underground antiheroes. The Casefiles are set in Capital City, Delaware, a fictional city first introduced in the Ascendant rulebook and detailed in the Capital City Gazetteer and Map Set (available separately from Autarch). But don’t worry – if you’re not interested in playing in Capital City, you can easily adapt the scenarios to your city of choice. Capital City can be Chicago, Detroit, or New York. It can be your hometown with a fresh coat of graffiti and a layer of rust and grime.

Whether you use the scenarios in Capital City or another metropolis, you’ll find the Capital City Casefiles to be something special. These aren’t just beat-em-ups or thinly-disguised dungeon crawls. Strip away the superpowers and the Casefiles could be police procedurals or detective mysteries. These are scenarios that challenge your problem-solving and role-playing as much as your tactical prowess; and they do so by taking advantage of the robust rules for Fighting Crime and Saving the Day found in the Ascendant rules.

#1: High Summer

A heatwave has been scorching America’s East Coast and cities up and down the coast have seen mass protests and riots. None has fared as badly as Capital City, Delaware where rising tempers, rising temperatures, and rising crime rates have made life hellish all summer long. Now things are about to get a lot worse. This morning, five police officers making a routine drug bust died at the hands of ascended criminals. The CCPD has called on every superhero in the city to hunt down the perpetrators and bring them to justice. But while the heroes investigate the shady side of Capital City, the perpetrators have other plans, plans that will bring the city to its knees…

In this Casefile you get:

  • 20-page ready-to-run scenario suitable for introductory play
  • 6 new NPC antagonists and 1 NPC ally
  • 3 full-color maps (urban crime scene, wrecked townhouse, and quayside warehouse)
  • 2 printable player handouts

Launch your campaign and start your heroes on their ascent to greatness with Capital City Casefile #1: High Summer.

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